Dental cleaning and examination

Prevent problems with dental cleaning

Regular dental cleaning plays a crucial role in preserving your smile and overall well-being. It should not be underestimated!

Even if you brush your teeth carefully, in-clinic cleaning is essential to ensure complete and optimal hygiene, no matter the state of your oral health. For what? Because when you schedule a cleaning at the dentist, you benefit from a thorough examination that goes far beyond a simple teeth cleaning.

Some dental problems may be asymptomatic at first. For most of us, they will go unnoticed and only a dentist will be able to spot them. A regular visit makes it possible to detect these problems in order to intervene quickly and effectively. Acting preventively avoids the emergence of pain and discomfort and allows the most appropriate treatment to be applied.

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Dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar

Even with better oral hygiene, plaque and tartar can be tough. Regular cleanings at the dentist eliminate the accumulation of bacteria that settle on the teeth and under the gums, and help prevent gingivitis and periodontitis.

Cleaning and dental examination: how does a session take place?

At the time of your appointment at the Clinique Dentaire Richard Landry, the hygienist will carry out a thorough scaling of your teeth using a device that projects water and cleans deposits, tartar and stains. Then comes the polishing step to remove the remaining deposits. We finish with the passage of dental floss, then your dentist will take over to do an examination.

During the exam, your dentist carefully inspects the condition of your teeth, your gums, the inside of your cheeks, the tissues under your tongue, and the palate. This is a thorough examination to detect any abnormalities and oral cancer that need to be taken care of.

Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Finally, if they prove necessary, x-rays are taken on site to examine your bones and the arrangement of your teeth. Digital x-rays aim to minimize radiation levels. With us, you always benefit from a diagnostic evaluation that is both safe and at the cutting edge of technology!

Anxious patients: your comfort is our priority

Do you feel anxious when you visit the dentist? You are not alone! Our friendly team know how to reassure nervous patients and pay special attention to children. Premedication is possible for those with severe anxiety. Our goal: to ensure that your visit to the dentist leaves you with only good memories!

Cleaning at the dentist: how many times a year?

To maintain optimal oral hygiene, it is advisable to carry out a dental cleaning and examination every six months.

Cleaning at the dentist: what price to expect?

How much does a dental cleaning cost in 2023? At Clinique Dentaire Richard Landry, our priority is to maintain a relationship of trust with our patients. That’s why we strive to offer fair and reasonable prices.

Our rates are based on the ACDQ’s Guide to rates and the nomenclature of oral procedures. For a complete examination and dental cleaning, the price at our Montreal dental clinic is set at $240, which is below the recommendations of the guide. The same goes for follow-up dental cleaning exams, for which the price is $190.

Why offer lower than recommended rates? Our goal is to make dental care accessible, so that everyone benefits from optimal dental health.